Sunday, November 29, 2009

Does mineral oil damage my skin?

Many women wear makeup everyday, no doubt it is used to enhancharmful chemicals in makeupe the appearance but some have harmful chemicals in makeup. Many girls when purchasing makeup, do not know about the harmful chemicals in makeup, they do not know what is bentonite and keep posting questions in forum does mineral oil damage my skin?

Foundation cream often contains bentonite. Now some of you would be wondering that what is bentonite? Well, Bentonite is a chemical which is used to put out fires. It suffocates the flames so that oxygen can't get through to inflame the fires. What is bentonite if it is used in skin care preparations? If bentonite is used on skin, then it suffocates the skin stopping it from breathing.

Few days back i read an article on magazine termed as 'Does mineral oil damage my skin?' and i was shocked to know its harmful effects. Some Liquid foundation contains mineral oil which is carcinogenic. It contains molecules that are too large to be absorbed by the skin. As a result these creams sits on the surface of the skin blocking the pores and glands. The sweat glands are unable to work properly and oil glands can't drain, resulting in buildup of toxins and bacteria. This can cause blackheads, spots and dull complexion. I also asked my dermatologist 'Does mineral oil damage my skin?' and he ways like, this is one of the major reason of skin problems. At least from my list, any of my makeup containing mineral oil is simply out.

Remember, Propylene glycol is another form of mineral oil and is commonly found in skincare products. This is yet one of the harmful chemicals in makeup. It is found in industrial anti-freeze and brake fluid. It cats as a moisture retainer by preventing escape of water or moisture from the skin. Material data safety sheets warn against contact with propylene glycol as it can be an irritant and cause liver abnormalities and kidney damage. So anyone using makeup and wondering 'Does mineral oil damage my skin?' then yes, it surely does.

Many eye shadows, blushers and powders contains talc, which is very similar to asbestos. Talc is a carcinogen and has been linked to ovarian and lung cancer. Many test results have proved that using talc in the genital area is harmful for the ovaries and also poses health risk when inhaled into the lungs. Mascara also contains harmful chemicals in makeup like formaldehyde, alcohol and plastic resins. Which might cause irritation to the eye in the form of redness, swelling and burning.

9%-25% of the harmful chemicals in makeup that we are exposed to are absorbed into our bodies from cosmetics and personal care products. Some harmful chemicals in makeup are absorbed by the skin. The average women has 4 times more toxins in her blood. By now many girls know about the harmful chemicals in makeup and what is bentonite and how harmful it is for the skin. I know there are many other harmful chemicals in the makeup as well but we girls will still use it. But at least i will avoid some harmful chemicals in makeup which is not worth the risk.

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